Understanding your business to provide adapted solutions.


Transformation, migration or innovation requires business analysis and strong technical expertise. Bercly provides such services on Google Cloud Platform to assist and support your businesses and technicals transformations.



Increase productivity and quality in your organisation require clear & efficient trainings. Through partners, we provide targeted trainings to bring your team up to speed on Google Cloud technologies.

Cloud Platform Experts


Having the passion for Google technologies is one of our main differentiators. In order to ensure high standard services delivery, all our agents are Google Certified Experts. Our CEO, Jean-Baptiste Clion, is a Google Developer Expert in Cloud Platform technologies. Our culture is focusing on delivering excellence within your business context and technical challenges.


Google Certified Trainers

Training is one of the most important aspect in your company. It will influence the quality of your projects and reveal the potential of your teams. Bercly is operating with Google Certified trainers Extrema-Sistemas to select and provide high quality trainings.


Cloud Platform Services




Sometime a concept just needs to be quickly tested in order to become a project. Bercly will support your research and development activities via Google Cloud Platform technologies. Tests, prototyping or explorations, we will help you to validate your next project.





You have your next project on paper and want to make it happen. Bercly will support you during application development phases by relying on Google Cloud Platform technologies. Our improved development processes will provide quality and efficiency from specifications to deployment.





Your company is successfully running an application but the time has come for your product to be scalable and available worldwide. Your solution deserves world class scalability, availability and reliability, Bercly will support your migration projects to Google Cloud Platform. Recognized experts will help you to analyze, plan and perform migration to Google Cloud solutions.


Cloud Platform Trainings


Bercly is partnering with Extrema-Sistemas, Certified Google Trainer, to deliver official Google Cloud Platform trainings and certifications for developers, operationals and data scientists. A full range of courses built to help your company to make the best out of Google Cloud Platform.

Partnering with Extrema-Sistemas to tailor unique training experiences.


Bercly and Extrema-Sistemas are collaborating to deliver trainings tailored on your requirements. Bercly expertise will help to analyse your technical challenges, Extrema-Sistemas training experience will allow to craft courses matching your technical challenges. A unique collaboration dedicated to provide high quality trainings.


For Business by business


At Bercly we understand the necessity to have confidence & trust in partners. We are sharing common engagements by delivering high quality solutions and services to our customers. Collaborating with Bercly means to have the guarantee of technical expertise with a real business experience.


Bercly process

We believe in iterations and short development cycles. 

  1. Free assessment
  2. Offer
  3. Prototyping
  4. Early Adoption
  5. Go Live 
  6. Support & Training

At any time you can decide to stop the collaboration with us, with no extra or hidden cost.

We have a clear risk management policy.

Risk policy

  • Free assessment period before any offer
  • You can stop the collaboration with us at anytime and at no cost
  • Your project belongs to you, we do not keep intellectual properties
  • Work in short cycles in order to mitigate risks
  • Delivery weekly tracking reports

Risk management

Adapted pricing

Each project is unique. Our pricing model is highly flexible, we are making offers based on the free assessment phase. Bercly is tailoring offers to match your effective needs and requirements. Our business culture is clearly open to pricing and offers negotiation.